Portable ultrasound and digital x-ray (DR) machines allow us to investigate lameness conditions at your yard, without to the need to transport your horse.


We can undertake diagnostic investigation and advanced procedures to assess lameness and other orthopaedic problems such as back pain, developmental abnormalities and neuromuscular issues. Bringing ultrasonography and a top quality portable x-ray system allows us to view images instantly and make a diagnosis at the time of examination.

We offer full radiographic surveys which may be required and undertaken for insurance purposes.


microscopeInternal Medicine

Whether your horse has an emergency-colic, a wind problem or is performing poorly, we can undertake laboratory analysis, endoscopy and ultrasonography to achieve a rapid diagnosis.

Conditions such as weight loss and skin infections can often prove frustrating. Our diagnostics will help you to find the way forward.

Inflammation of the eye or traumatic injuries can lead to serious consequences in horses. Using modern Ophthalmoscopes we can rapidly assess the degree of damage to your horse´s eye and begin treatment in the stable.